Network Administrator

Job Description:

Title           : Network Administrator

Duration : Full-time

Location  : Washington

Job Details:

Must-Have Skills: Cisco IOS, NX-OS, Linux, Junos, Python Network Automation, Solarwinds, Wireshark, Azure DevOps, Servicenow, and MS Visio.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering or related Engineering discipline and some experience in the related field.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Creating the Virtual pools on the Big f5 local Traffic Managers to manage the server requests and to create a healthy environment with the server requests
  • Creating and troubleshooting the GRE IPsec tunnels that are intended to build to the vendors’ data centers for the transfer of data is bidirectional.
  • Altering and upgrading the Global traffic managers to meet the business needs and to efficiently handle the global requests to access the Microsoft Studio Network.
  • Configuring Cisco any connect for remote HQ users to connect back to the Microsoft Studio network.
  • Configuring VPC’s on the nexus 7k and 5k for the integrity of data.
  • Plan, coordinate, and implement network security measures to protect data, software, and hardware.
  • Design, create, and implement new network-related customized packages to meet customer requirements.
  • Maintain the latest bug-free version of code on all the Cisco routers, Switches, Wireless Lan controllers, and other access points.
  • Perform surveys of client site(s) to estimate the number of devices required for the purchase of requisite network gear for new locations.
  • Work on common TCP/IP based services such as TACACS, RADIUS, SSH, DNS, HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, TFTP, SMTP, DHCP, LDAP, PAP, CHAP, and SNMP.
  • Monitor connectivity between the access layer and core layers by monitoring the connectivity status of BGP, OSPF, EIGRP protocols utilizing SolarWinds.
  • Work with vendors for troubleshooting of Network to their devices into the infrastructure’s network by checking their MAC and their position of VLAN on the switch and its connectivity to their datacenter through our data center.